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Meet the experts

We are Ysis Leotta and Thea Huigen, both experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of wedding planning experience in Italy and the Netherlands. We are based in Sicily, Taormina.

Our background is the same, we have worked in the airline business and that has taught us to never panic, to be flexibel whenever needed and to improvise in those rare moments that things do not happen according to plan. Our International background makes it possible to deal with different cultures. We know about etiquette and different habits and we know about the do’s and dont’s in various countries and cultures and we do support wedding equality.

We love to help you plan your dreamed Wedding Day, taking the preparations off your shoulders but never out of your hands.

Trust us when we say we are the best Wedding Planners in Sicily!

Why should you hire a wedding planner?

Do not underestimate the complexity of planning a wedding, there is no chance for a mess up because this is literally one day and you can't do it over!

What can our wedding planner team do for you?

We will be there for you from the very first start until the last evaluation. Making sure your planning is as stress free as possible and your wedding day is everything you wished for and more! Contact us for a complete list of the services the wedding team offers you!

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‘As a half Sicilian I am proud that our wedding couples have chosen the perfect location to get married. Ridicoulously good food, sun, incredible views…it has simply all the ingredients a couple can only dream of for their wedding day!’


‘I cannot think of anything more beautiful and rewarding than creating wedding days to remember and cherish forever for the loved ones!


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