Wedding favours from Sicily

Besides planning your dreamed wedding day, Sicily Love Weddings also provide other services such as typical Sicilian ‘Thank you gifts’ for your wedding guests. All our wedding favours are personalized and come with ‘Thank you cards’ adapted to your wedding theme.

"There’s a saying in Sicily that lemons are not real lemons unless they’re Sicilian."

Lemons were first brought by the Arabs to Sicily in the 10th century. The Mediterranean climate, sunny hot days and cold nights, coupled with volcanic soil, gives the Sicilian lemon a typical sweetness and taste that is very difficult to find anywhere else in the world. They are an integral part of the island’s landscape and culture and just perfect as typical Sicilian Wedding Favour.

styling wedding dinner table Sicilian lemons

"It’s difficult to think of Sicilian food without thinking about Sicilian olive oil."

Greek settlers imported their beloved olive trees to Sicily in the 6th century BC and olive oil has been produced on the island ever since. The olive harvest in Sicily takes place between the middle of September and the end of November. Most important producers harvest the olives by hand and there is a growing number of organic oils being produced on the island. If you are visiting Sicily during the olive harvest, be sure to head for an oil mill to sample some freshly pressed, deliciously fruity and aromatic olive oil!

olive oil wedding favour

"The Sicilian Trinacria Symbol is rich with folklore, and Sicilians held its tradition with fervour."

The Greek word Trinacria means triangle and refers to the shape of the island. The symbol is the head of Medusa (a head of snakes) surrounded by three bent running legs and three stalks of wheat. The three bent running legs represent the three capes of Sicily: Peloro (Punta del Faro, Messina – northeast), Passero (Syracuse – south) and Lilibeo (Marsala – west). The three stalks of wheat represent the extreme fertility of the land, much valued by the Romans for whom it served as the granary of the Roman Empire. The Medusa head in the middle of the Trinacria implies protection by Athena, the patron goddess of Sicily.

Sicilian Trinacria

"Sicily is famous for its ceramics, designed in the classic Maiolica glazed style with delicate baroque patterns."

The Sicilian ceramics industry is centred in four main towns: Caltagirone, Santo Stefano di Camastra, Burgio and Sciacca. Each has its own distinct style, particularly where traditional colours are concerned. A much-loved Sicilian ceramic speciality is the ubiquitous pigna (pine cone), which symbolises vitality, good health, immortality and more besides. You will come across them not only in shops, but also atop gate pillars, on bedsteads and adorning balcony railings. They come in all colours, patterns and sizes and are commonly given as an augury of good luck.    

Pigne Siciliane, Wedding favour

Typical Sicilian ‘Thank You gifts’ are available in all price ranges starting at € 7,50 per piece. We hope to have given you some ideas and inspiration for creating an original Sicilian wedding favour which your guests will definitely appreciate.

Please note that this service is only available in combination with our Wedding Planning services.