Your elopement wedding in Sicily

Is an elopement wedding typically you and your partner running away for your wedding without telling friends and family? Yes it is, but the definition for an elopement wedding changed over time. And nowadays we meet many couples who choose to tie the knot and celebrate with just a small gathering in a minimal, more casual fashion. And we love to accomodate you and create your most beautiful day on our amazing Love Island, Sicily!

Wedding couple in the background behind a styled wedding table with vivid colours

“Luxury Elopements” are gaining popularity and there is a current trend that involves everything a ceremony typically does: the formal wear, the breathtaking aisle, heartfelt vows, luxury styling, a professional wedding photographer etc. except for the guests.

wedding couple with guests at wedding ceremony overlooking the sea

Even when you’re doing the absolute bare minimum for your elopement, there will be a few elements to plan for: travel, lodging, venue, and attire will have to be accounted for. If you have elected to conduct the most basic ceremony, you will still need to be prepared with legal documents, such as birth certificates and a marriage license plus other documentation depending on your state’s laws. 

Just as you wish the Sicily Love Weddings team will take care of the paperwork or make all arrangements from A – Z. No stress just romance for the two of you and/or a few close witnesses.

Bride and Groom in front of a wedding venue in Sicily